Tan Phuoc Khanh Trading and Manufacturing Coil Steel Join Stock Company Recruiting Business Staff

To meet the development needs, the tan Phuoc KHANH production and trading joint stock company has recruited the positions as follows:

* Location: Business Staff

* Quantity: 5 persons

* Work form: full-time fixed.

* Job Description:

Exposure, visiting clients
Quotes, salutation products, search marketing expansion,
Dynamic, innovative and outgoing work on demand.
There is a spirit of advancement, difficulty, power, good ethics.

* Required:

Graduate Diploma in Economics and trade
Work form: full-time fixed
Gender requirements: male/female
Experience 2 years or more.
Diligent, hard, honest, subject to work pressure or frequent work, there is long-term and stable work.
Ability to use Microsoft Office fairly (Word, Excel, Power Point).
* Workplace: HCMC

* Interests:

Salary agreement.
The opportunity to develop high careers.
Enjoy consistent salary with capacity.
Entitled to the Company’s regulations.

* Records include:

The application, CV (Curriculum vitae) has the signature and 3 × 4 of the workers.
Preliminary records, certified by the People’s Committee, Ward, residence town.
A copy of notary qualifications and certificate of contact.
Certified copy of the certificate of the people, the household book or the shelter.
Documents (if any).

* Filing address: Tan Phuoc Khanh Trading and Manufacturing Coil Steel Join Stock Company

Representative Office:

Address: 319. B3 in a regular masterpiece, Ward 15, Dist. 11, HCMC, Vietnam.

Phone: (028) 38651341 – Fax: (028) 38651340

Email: info@tanphuockhanh.com.vn

Website: www.tanphuockhanh.com.vn

Direct contact Person: Mr. Bao Tel: 01,223,127,546

* Note:

Resumes directly at the corporate office.
Only invite to interview the required applicants.
Do not refund the profile if not on a job.

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