Color coating lines

Currently, Ton Tan Phuoc Khanh, the color coating lines (CCLs) located in the Head Office used to manufacture the pre-painted steel sheets which are so-called pre-painted galvalume.

Dây chuyền mạ màu TPK


Principles of operation

After the coil rolled coil, galvanized and galvalume are put into the pickling system, it shall be covered with an additive layer to improve the paint’s adhesion. Then it shall be applied with a primer, official painting layer and put into the oven. The painting layer enhances the sheet’s weather shield resistance and aesthetics.


Line input

Cold Rolled Coil (CRC), alvanized -(GI), and Galvalume (GL)


Line output

Pre-Painted Cold Rolled Coil (PPCRC), Pre-Painted Galvanized (PPGI), and Pre-Painted Galvalume (PPGL)


Origin of the line

Manufacturer: Japan

Year of manufacturing: 2015


Output of the color coating line

Capacity of each line: 100,000 tons/year.


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