Color Coating Line

The company’s color coating line with modern technology and equipment along with a team of skilled engineers and technicians will create high-quality products and colors according to the requirements of the domestic and international markets.

These pre-painted galvalume steel coils are manufactured according to Japanese industrial standard: JIS G3312:1998 (pre-painted galvanized steel coil), JIS G3322:1994 (pre-painted galvalume steel coil), and ISO 9001:2008. The coils are beautiful with diverse colors and can bear heavy environmental conditions.


I. Principles of operation 

The galvalume steel coil sheet will be polished to a flat surface before applying a layer of paint. The coil sheet is then passed through an acrylic coating system. Paint layers are applied to the surface of the sheet to help protect the product surface. The sheet,  after being coated with a layer of aluminum-zinc has a very good anti-rust ability and if it is coated with another layer of paint, the oxidation resistance can extend their life’s time usage even more.

II. Line’s input

Verified quality standards of the cold-rolled coil.

III. Line’s output

Pre-painted Galvalume Steel Coils ( Size can be customized by customer’s requirement).

IV. Origin of the line


V. Capacity

150.000 tons/year.