Pre-painted galvanized steel coil of Tan Phuoc Khanh (TPK-PPALZINC) is produced with standard JIS G3322 (Japan); AS 2728 (Australia); ASTM A755/A755M (America). Nice and colourful product with feature of good resistant to environment condition, super durability. TPK-PPALZINC is produced by color coating line: Input material after washing is covered with anh additive layer to increase

TPK’s all GL-GI-PPGI products in coil, which were produced as Japan Standard JIS G3321 for alloy Al-Zn coated product (Galvalumed-GL) and JIS G3302 for Zn coated product (Galvanized-GI) & TPK’s standard TCCS ...... Adapted from N.O.F technology & continuous gakvanizing hot-dip type. TPK’s GL-GI-PPGI products has high endurability against extreme-ly severe weather environment.

Galvanized steel coil of Tan Phuoc Khanh (TPK-ZINC) is produced with modern coating technnology. Product quality is in accordance with standard JIS G3302:1998 (Japan);and standard ISO 9001:2008. Produced with particularly suitability with a variety of purposes of use 4 times longer life than normal galvanized steel sheet High corrosion resistance Good heat resistance Anti-finger protective