Khat Vong Song

Nhất JSC Advertising (UNIAD JSC) has composed and formed the “Khat Vong Song” charity program in collaboration with Radio Television, the Central Committee the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Red Cross, the Women’s Union, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper, Saigon Entrepreneur, “Mẹ và Bé” magazine and some of the largest hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City together with TPK to assist difficult families to have a chance to overcome poverty.

Khat Vong Song has four basic forms of assistance:

Health check-up.

Building and repairing homes.

Providing bus transportation for children can go to school.

Consulting on family’s profession.

The program set out with two goals:

  • Practical help for families who are facing difficulties and illness.
  • Developing the spirit of solidarity in the community both domestically and abroad..

Khat Vong Song must be organized on a large scale, with a spillover effect to have a good funding base in order to help specific families overcome their illness and poverty.  

Building a spirit of sharing within the community both domestic and abroad, in addition to transparency factors. All of the monetary contributions are directly given to the right people, so the sponsors can see what their contributions are used for whom and where. This is a factor that the Khat Vong Song charity program wants to aim for.